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Vaginal tightening gel

It may help with intimate hygiene to feel fresh cleaner and more comfortable making you feel more self confident


Main Ingredients:

angelica sinensis, sophora flavescents, myrrha,saffron, curcumae rhioxma, aloe,borneol.



Tightens and rejuvenates your vagina naturally

Improves the grip and strength of the vagina.

Restores the natural elasticity of the vagina

Increase pleasure, restore lubrication and eliminates vaginal dryness.


Instruction -

Wash hands thoroughly before applying product.

Apply one full press of the pump on the tip of your finger, insert and massage thoroughly into the vaginal walls.

 Allow up to 10 minutes to take effect.

For permanent results, apply twice daily for 6 months

Before applying vaginal tightening gel, it is recommended to do a sensitivity test (allergy) apply a good amount of gel on wrist ,rub it and after 10 minutes remove it

If no reaction occurs you may proceed with use

Can not use while pregnant can not use while menstruating.

Shelf life is 24 months keep at room temperature or refrigerator side door

Vaginal tightening gel

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