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1 Slimming plaster wrap
1 osmotic wrap black
1 exfoliating glove
1 4oz detox clay
2 wraps enough for 2 or 3 times

Roll comes with enough to wrap twice or one large body part this is a detox wrap helps with water weight should drink at least 6 to 8 bottles of water while using wrap can use on arms legs face stomach comes with 2 plaster wraps and one osmotic or black wrap one 4oz jar detox clay 1 set gloves for exfoliating

Measure your waist before you start
Unroll wrap and measure around area
Once you know how much you need
Start exfoliating with gloves
Next use detox clay rub into an area that you will wrap
Next, get a bowl or sink with warm water dip the measured wrap into the water making sure it is wet, not soaked. Rinse a little not taking the product out of the wrap
Next, slowly unroll the wrap and put the wrap on the area you would like to wrap making sure to smooth the wrap into your skin
Once you have covered the area completely and everything is nice and smooth and tight
Take an osmotic black wrap and cover the yeso wrap
Moving around the area with wrap until the wrap is completely covered
Once covered leave wrap on for up to 4 hrs or longer
Cut the complete wrap off with scissors
Detox clay can be used without yeso wrap for more detoxification and inch loss
Use detox clay and osmotic. Wrap in the same way, leave on for 4 hrs only, repeat after 3 days to allow body to get rid of fluids
No not work out in this wrap
No sauna
Regular activities for 4 hrs or more

Yeso Detox Wrap

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